How is the role of the CMO in Asia evolving?

What is the best way to drive brand growth in such a diverse region?

What skills and capabilities will be necessary for CMOs to succeed in the future?

Today, Asia is the world’s largest market and is home to one in every two people on earth. Three decades ago, the attention of business executives was largely focused on Europe and North America as the impression was that Asia had little to contribute to economic growth. Today, Asia accounts for 40% of the global economy.

R3 surveyed 30 CMOs across Asia to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing marketers in Asia in the wake of digital transformation and an ever-changing advertising ecosystem. Their answers, combined with deep-dive interviews from 13 of the CMOs, provide invaluable insights into the state of marketing in the region, and what will be the biggest challenges for the future.

This is the story of marketing in Asia, right from the CMOs themselves.