First there was China CMO: Best Practice in Marketing Effectiveness & Efficiency in the Middle Kingdom.

Now there is Asia CMO: Driving Brand Growth – a book that aims to help CMOs stay on top of their game, particularly given the breakneck speed of social, technology, marketing and economic developments happening in Asia today.

The book addresses the two biggest issues facing today’s marketing organizations: the evolving role of the CMO and the skills and capabilities that will be needed for CMOs to be successful in Asia going forward. Each of the seven chapters focuses on a specific topic – driving brand growth in Asia, connecting with Asia’s super consumers, mastering digital and technology, creating effective teams and partnerships, and nurturing culture of innovation. The closing chapter looks into the future and offers advice on how to build better brand leaders.

The real lessons within this book are delivered by the CEOs, CMOs and founders of leading global and Asian companies who have contributed their insights and wisdom through both face-to-face interviews and a comprehensive survey designed to inform our perspective.

The role of the CMO in Asia has definitely changed with the industry in terms of influence and prestige. Many acknowledge that marketing wasn’t high on the list of noble professions in the past, but as business relies more on ideas and innovation to grow and remain competitive, those who have chosen marketing as their career have positioned themselves in the best place possible to drive brand growth and make significant impacts on business going forward.

This book attempts to address the challenges and opportunities that await them.

We’re glad you’ll join us for the journey ahead.